Thursday, April 28, 2016

Goodbye to the kids!

"Goodbyes" are always the hardest!! 

Updates that have finally loaded

The ekissa team have just boarded the plane in Uganda headed home. Internet connection has been terrible. These posts just came through on Sarah's Facebook. Reposting for all the blog followers. There will be more news as soon as their weary bodies get home! Pray for safe travel over the next few days!

Our 1st full day in Uganda was very full! We visited the Ekissa Model School for the 1st time (it opened 5 weeks ago), took 1of our students to a dr appointment, took a boat ride across Lake Victoria, a boda boda ride once we arrived to the other side of the lake and road up to Bethany Village, and are now ending our day. We are grateful to God for all He is doing here. Our donors and a child sponsors would be utterly speechless! Thank you to everyone who supports the educational initiative, supported the water project and those who continue to support our day-to-day operations and daily ministries. May God continue to be honored and praised through your sacrificial gifts.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Ekissa Children's Home

Our visit at Ekissa Children's Home/ Abbey House of Children. I love these kids so much! My how they grow in 6 months!!

Sunday Worship

Ekissa team is having a tough time with internet connection so these are posts from Sarah's facebook. 

Sunday worship at Ekissa Church (aka Bweya Community Church). One word..."Awesome!"

Day 3

Skate and I played with 20+ kids for 8 hours with a box of 
cookies, a bottle of Fanta, 15 balloons, and a lot of creativity. Dirty hands and feet have never been so beautiful! We're in need of a shower (or two) and enjoying every moment! 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Seeing Life From A GoPRO's Perspective

I am in Africa!!! WE made it to Uganda safe and sound. It is somewhat of an unusual feeling being here because it has felt unusually familiar since arrival. Almost like I have been here before. It is beautiful. Although there is excessive pollution, dryness and poverty, the lush green surroundings and contagious smiles pervade. The view of Lake Victoria is stunning. The people are overwhelmingly warm-hearted and caring. Overall, my first impression of Uganda was greater than I had expected. Then yesterday happened...and the beauty of the country surpassed any expectations I could have ever conjured up.

I am normally someone who does not like to spend time videoing and photographing a lot because I want to live in the moment and take it all in; however, I decided prior to coming on this trip that I wanted to contribute some of my efforts into helping make a video with my new GoPro. Yesterday was kind of experimental seeing as how I have never made a video before. In my mind I have been coming up with these grandiose plans for a video....but yesterday God quickly reminded me that HIS plans are grandiose, not mine. Sometimes I don't have to do anything but to sit back and just watch to see how grandiose God can be.

What I witnessed yesterday was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. I am going to go off on a tangent about Sarah, because quite frankly Lord, she is worthy of discussion. Seriously Lord, what a beautiful gift you have given to this world. I knew of her extreme passion for the Ugandan people prior to coming but to see it in action was beyond amazing. Incredible humbleness, genuine and sincere love for the people and overwhelming excitement for the progress that has been made amongst these people. She shines your light brightly Lord and glorifies your name. I know Lord that she does not like compliments and gives all the credit to you Lord, which is where it belongs, but I pray that you let it be known to her and the people that support her, in whatever way it will be received, that she is amazing. That what she is doing here in Uganda, with the help of God, is beyond amazing. It is not that easy to walk the walk per say on this planet that is full of hate but she does it ever so gracefully...loving and empowering the people of Uganda, children of God.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a small part of her life and the story of Ekissa.Thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to come to Africa to learn and see more of unconditional love. It certain makes my cup runneth over!

What Ekissa is doing here in Uganda is worthy of everyones support. They successfully have a  class of 20 students and wonderful teachers up and running successfully! I witnessed it first hand. Ekissa and the people who support it truly are the hands and feet of Christ helping to cultivate and develop the Kingdom of God. The smiles are forever etched in my heart.

Love- Sarah Kate

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Through Young Eyes...

My first day in Uganda was very overwhelming. I am a seventeen year old girl and this is my first time in another country, without my friends, and with a cellphone that could not get a signal. I was feeling all kinds of emotions, but the one I noticed the most was regret. Throughout my stay, I knew I would be missing seven days of school and the thought of all of the make up work terrified me. Now that I am finishing my last day here, I realize that no amount of schoolwork could possibly compare to the amazing experiences I have been so blessed to have.

The first day that I was here, I was sitting in the Bweya Community Church and I saw a little boy peep his head around the corner. I waved at him and without hesitation he walked over to me and sat in my lap. Within a few minutes he was snoring with his head rested on my chest. I don’t think that I will ever forget that moment. I am so happy that I was able to give someone so much comfort that they have been lacking so early on in the trip.

One of the main things that I have learned here is that teenager’s lives are so much different than the life that I and other people around me live. The kids here walk miles for water, to go to church, to go to school, to go anywhere, and they are truly happy about it. Abbey’s ten boys, young and old, could receive something as small as gum and find a way to share it with ALL of their brothers. Just today I gave Edrine a few pieces of caramel candies and he handed them out to everyone around him before taking one for himself. Without any shred of a doubt, I can say that that is something I have never seen a child do in the United States. Everyone is more focused on others around them receiving before receiving something for themselves.

In America kids my age care so much about how things look and if they can have more, but I have not seen that once here. They honestly appreciate anything and everything you give them. Not just material things, but also hugs, and kisses, and maybe a few, or a lot of laughs. There is no judgment here, and there are no standards to live up to. I am in a place where I can’t walk around by myself, I have to use bug spray every time I go outside, and I cannot drink the water yet....
                      I have never felt so carefree.


This is what "Our Charlie" looked like most of the trip. It was amazing for the four of us with her to watch her love unconditionally, uninhibited and purely. We believe this experience will forever impact the rest of her life!
Were proud of you "punkin"!